Helping Today’s Self-Made Leaders Become Better Leaders. 

Are you willing, ready and poised to become a better leader and influencer?  Are you ready to leverage your leadership brand? Kudos! Then you have reached the MotivMoment *

Join me,  your Motivcoach,  as I guide you on your self-directed learning journey – this means action, empowerment, confidence and influence. Together we’ll create a Leadership Blueprint and Personal Brand that will be your signature for success.  My global clients are self-made leaders across all industries who are looking to lift the fog, quieten the inner critic and deepen brand EQ to enhance their global impact.  Are you ready to achieve a Motiv-State-of-Mind?

*MotivMoment (n.) that moment when you are enthused to take action and invest in your future.

Choose Short Impact Coaching for Near-Reach Goals

Perfect For You if You have Near-Reach Goals and Are Tweaking your Almost There Actions Plans

4 x 90 Mins Coaching Meetings Held Every Second Week via Skype

Includes Confidentiality Agreement, Coaching Recordings, Agreed Action Plans
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Choose Long Impact Coaching for Transformational Goals

Perfect for You if You Want to Pursue Meaningful Transformation in Your Life, Leadership or Career

12 x 90 Min Meetings held every second week via Skype

Includes Confidentiality Agreement, Questionnaires, Call Recordings, Coaching Notes 
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For Expat Leaders and Spouses: Choose Cross-Cultural Coaching

Perfect for You if You are a Globally-Minded Pioneer who Wants to Excel in Your Expatriate Experience

Choose Short or Long Term Impact Coaching Programs

Includes Cross-Cultural Awareness, Cultural Inventory, Expat Assignment Goal-Setting, Coaching Recordings 
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Enhance your Leadership Impact with Personal Branding EQ

Perfect for You if You Care About Developing Trust, Positioning your Expertise, Creating Opportunities and Influencing your Success.

Create an Authentic, Consistent and Values-Based Leadership & Personal Brand

Includes a comprehensive Branding Audit and deep dive into your branding essence, Goal-Setting, Coaching Recordings
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Para mis clientes de habla española For my Spanish Speaking Clients

Trabajo junto con los mejores intérpretes de la industria para la generación de mi material con la mas alta calidad
Trayectoria internacional de trabajo con grupos y audiencias de habla extranjera, me permiten crear un mensaje único y atractivo que asegura que sus participantes se van con el valor que requieren.

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Talks, Workshops & Virtual Facilitation for Remote Teams

Pre-Designed and Bespoke Talks & Workshops to Fully Engage your Audience. Experienced Facilitator for Globally Diverse Teams.

International Track Record: Real & Virtual Speaking & Team Facilitation

Invite me to create a unique and engaging message that ensures your participants walk away with the value they require.
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My clients experience Measurable Results.

“…I was able to hone and deepen my skills around change management & forward moving decision making…”
Country Director
“…Michelle challenged, stretched, questioned and supported my thinking. I felt inspired and motivated…”
Global Coach
“…Working with Michelle is the most liberating experience I’ve had in 25 years as a business leader…Michelle lifts the fog…”
“…Michelle guided me through tough questions that ‘forced’ me from only dreaming and thinking to doing…”
Business Owner
“…Michelle’s candour, listening skills, and cross-cultural sensitivity ensured the sustainability of our business in South America…”
“…Michelle’s curiosity for, and belief in the opportunity & possibility open to individuals and system is fresh and contagious!…”
Business Owner

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I work with only a select number of clients at any time. If you think we are a good fit, please email me on motivcoach@gmail.com