ImageSome of you may know that I am a student of Astrology.  I was introduced to it by a co-worker many years ago who kept insisting that I “dressed just like a Capricorn”.  Intrigued to know more, I began a life-long study of this ancient art and science.  When I work with coaching clients who are themselves receptive to astrology, I find the astro-language offers us a unique perspective for self-study.  This post, based on the eloquent work of Astrologer and Creative Writer, Linda Goodman, offers us a look at the sun signs in the context of the work we do. What motivates each sign?  What might be considered out Labor of Love? 

The three reasons why anyone works;

(1) The most common reason for working is to earn your daily bread to pay for necessities, which you need in order to survive and be able to go to work, so you can get enough money for your basic necessities, which you need so you can continue to work to earn the money to pay for your….and so on.  It’s called the treadmill existence, and aptly named.

(2)  To become immensely wealthy—or famous.  Whether the goal is the former or the latter or both, these people fall into the same category.

(3) To keep one’s self from fading into a nonperson, which you would surely become if you couldn’t do the work you’re doing, because its an obsession, a dream that consumes you—and you don’t do it to earn your daily bread—you do it for the reason that it provides “hyacinths for the soul”.  You would do it even if you were paid no money at all, because you can’t help doing it.  Quite simply, you love it.  Your work is a labor of love.  Therefore, you’re guaranteed to achieve inner fulfillment, outward success—and if you’re genuinely devoted to the dream—also bushels of money, under Universal Law.

You would think, wouldn’t you, that everyone would make an intense effort to become part of Group 3?  It’s logical.  But it doesn’t always happen that way.  You see, the people in Group 2 think they don’t need to join Group 3, because they believe they already have the formulae for success.  The people in Group 1 aren’t sure what it is they want.

To offer us a tool, a practical astro guide for finding our true calling, Linda Goodman goes further to define the ‘labour of love’ as harmonizing with a person’s character, personality and inner goals—or dreams- since that’s the only way to be happy.

See her guide to your Star Sign and your Labor of Love below:-

CARDINAL SIGNS:  * Aries * Cancer * Libra * Capricorn *

If your Sun Sign is Cardinal, you were born to earn your daily bread as a LEADER of thought and action.  You’ll never be truly content in a subordinate position, carrying out the concepts of others, unless you’re using it merely as a stepladder to the top.  To labor with love, you must either be the Big Boss—or be your own boss.    You must either be at the head of things or the captain of your own ship.  Working in an occupation that prevents you from conceiving and exploiting your own ideas could result in physical fatigue, mental tension and emotional depression, which can eventually lead to chronic illness.

FIXED SIGNS:  * Taurus * Leo * Scorpio * Aquarius *

If your Sun Sign is Fixed, you were born to earn your daily bread as an ORGANIZER of thought and action.  You’ll never be happy or succeed in reaching your goals if the organizational structure is left to others.  To work with love, you must be the one who’s unquestionably responsible for the success of any company or venture you’re part of—whether it’s your own or someone elses.  You must be the one who “makes it all happen”, who properly delegates authority and pulls all the loose ends together causing things to run smoothly and efficiently.  You are the rock that everyone leans on, the one who holds the center together.  Becoming permanently involved with any occupation that gives you no responsibility for what goes on around you could result in physical fatigue, mental tension, and emotional depression, which could lead to chronic disease.

MUTABLE SIGNS: * Gemini * Virgo * Sagittarius * Pisces *

If your Sun Sign is Mutable, you were born to earn your daily bread by being a COMMUNICATOR of thought and action.  You’ll never be happy when you’re forced to be responsible for the chaos around you, when you’re expected to sit behind a desk, or remain in any one place and take charge.  You need to constantly circulate, travel, move around, and communicate ideas (and ideals) between Cardinal Leaders and Fixed Organizers.  To work with love you must have complete freedom, a variety of activity, periodic change, lots of coffee breaks, long lunch hours and interesting assignments.  Working in a job that ties you down in any way, forces you to take complete charge and be responsible for the actions of others could result in physical fatigue, mental stress, and emotional depression, which could lead to chronic illness.


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