Expatriate Coaching helps you to protect your investment in people

Expatriate assignments should not fail but worldwide statistics show that between 20-50% do.

Five key areas have been identified as critical for expat assignment success;

(1) managing family stress (2) developing cultural sensitivity (3) strengthening emotional maturity (4) managing professional responsibilities, and (5) balancing health and wellbeing

I want to help you or your organisation to avoid the cost of a failed expat assignment.  I invite you to invest in Expat coaching in English and assure the success of your project.

What does an Expat Coaching assignment look like?

My coaching programs are custom-designed to meet the needs of my clients.  A typical Expat Coaching program addresses the key areas for expat assignment success. It also offers clients a space to share concerns and to develop strategies to overcome them.  Coaching can be offered face-to-face in Chile and Latin America or via Telephone or Skype.  For more information and to discuss your specific needs, please contact motivcoach@gmail.com

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I work with only a select number of clients at any time. If you think we are a good fit, please email me on motivcoach@gmail.com