For the first time in 5 years I stayed put in my home town for the holidays.   With great longing I watch my friends and colleagues jet-set off to foreign lands, as I have been doing before.  My envy is born of my wanderlust for vagabonding and relating to the world. But more, so much more, it’s motivated by my love for street photography.  I’m one of many photography hobbyists who feels somewhat uninspired by the familiarity of my own world, believing that the photographic content is always greener on the other side.

But here I was, for a a variety of reasons, in Cape Town, South Africa. Same old. Same Old.  December, being a quieter month business-wise, affords the coach an opportunity to reflect more than usual.  Chilling about, meditating, thinking and observing, it struck me that Duh! thousands of people from foreign places come here, to my home town, because they are inspired by the photographic content. What was stopping me from seeing life around me through the eyes of one who has never seen it before?  I needed to see my world with fresh eyes.  And without the luxury of changing the external scenery, I needed to shift the internal scenery.

Where to start?  With a goal of course; I wanted to capture two albums with distinct themes of around 20 shots each. (by 6th January 2011. – as we know, all SMART goals ought to be time bound) And then, a vision;  that the shots be candid, creative and indicative of life around me. My mission; to quietly mingle with life, not adjusting it in anyway, and to see everything with such interest and curiosity as to notice the perfect art in it.  My objective; to show that life is a chaotic cacophony and that Cape Town and its people provide a backdrop of beauty.  And that I, just as much as you, can observe the same world around me with a new lens.    Vital stuff to remember as we move both forward and backward into the familiarity of our daily lives this new year.

Ta da; I invite you to view my observations of life through a lens;

‘Life’s a Beach‘

‘City Snippets‘

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