Dear Human Resources Manager

Let me begin by telling you how much I value you. You are the reason your organization embraces coaching. Your progressive approach to the development of your leadership, talent, and career-climbers allows me to provide quality coaching services. This, in turn, allows those I coach to coach others and creates a ripple effect of people who think for themselves within your organization. Thank you and congratulations.

I am, however, saddened to learn that you seem to be skeptical about my work as a leadership coach who works via Skype. I understand that you encourage your staff to work only in face-to-face coaching engagements, despite that they might want to work with me virtually. HR Manager, I hope I don’t make too many assumptions when I guess what your concerns might be; (1) perhaps because you or your reception staff won’t see me enter and exit your building for meetings, I’ll be unreliable, play hooky or shorten the length of my meeting commitments?, (2) worse, perhaps your staff person or team being coached would do the same?, (3) perhaps you believe that an environment conducive to quality coaching cannot be achieved virtually?, (4) perhaps you concern yourself that I will not deliver stakeholder reports on time or provide quality feedback as required, or (5) perhaps you don’t have the technology available to your staff to engage in virtual conversations? Please, HR Manager, allow me to allay your fears;

My reputation fuels my reliability as a virtual leadership coach

As a multi-qualified coach with a strong passion for helping leaders be better leaders, my reputation is one of my most valued attributes. My reputation secures my future clients and distinguishes me within my industry. As much as I might be tempted to go and do yoga in the park on a beautiful summer’s day (who wouldn’t?), my clients come first. I’ve spent years investing in my education as a coach, my experience, and my brand. More, I invest in all the tools that make me a successful virtual coach. You can rely on me. Even when I am traveling (as I often do – truth-seeking and treasure-hunting to ensure the continuous expansion of my own global mindset and world-cultural appreciation), I meet my coaching obligations first. Because I want to! Because I truly love my work and my clients and it brightens my days to connect with them and have meaningful conversations. You will get all the feedback reports on time HR Manger. In fact, you’ll likely get them ahead of time – because I want to make the space to go and do yoga in the park!

Virtual coaching may be more effective than in-person coaching

In my younger, earlier days of my career, I was a salesperson who quickly became promoted to Sales Manager. Why? Because I was darn good at it, of course. And here’s the thing: my success came through the telephone. I cooked the sales targets on the telephone and performed less well face-to-face. I have an ability to listen so intently and to facilitate a challenging conversation with ease on the telephone, without the distractions that often pervade in a face-to-face situation. And when video became paired with telephone (like Skype), my world was made. Now I could listen and see my clients – watch closely their facial expressions, listen deeply to their tone and pace – yet remain neutral in a way that serves us both best. Empathetic without being drawn into other distracting energies. As a coach, this is a great gift to my coaching partnerships. There are many personality types like myself, HR Manager! I feel confident that the person who wishes to be coached by me virtually will also excel in the virtual space if you allow them to.

You can offer your staff the gift of technology skills

Isn’t the world becoming smaller and smaller? The 21st century offers abundant opportunities for remote offices, expansion into neighboring countries and abroad, and developing global clients and networks. Individuals who are comfortable using technology tools will be those who lead us into the future. It saddens me when I meet executives and leaders who have never conducted a virtual meeting or have never used Skype. They feel cautious about their skills in this space. When I hear that organizations don’t allow staff to use Skype during office hours, I wonder about the missed opportunities – not least the opportunity to save costs! When you allow and equip the people who want to be coached virtually with the right tools, you also give back to your organization. The people who embrace this way of working might facilitate a whole new way of collaboration and outreach. And that is truly progressive HR Manager.

In closing, HR Manager, may I invite you to give it a try? Certainly, do this before you decline your staff the possibility of working with me or any other virtual coach. Spend 30 minutes with me – where ever you are in the world and where ever I am in the world – and afterward, we can both draw a qualified conclusion. My bet – you’ll feel like we’re close neighbors, and you’ll be far less scared of Skype Coaching.

Please reach out to me on I’d value hearing from you!

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