What are the most important elements of making a good first impression?

With 14 000 unique users, the mentorship programme on Ndalo Media’s website, www.destinyconnect.com, is proving a valuable partnership as a source of inspiration to ambitious African executives and professionals focused on accomplishing their prospective career goals. From Feb 7th to June 5th 2010, I’m on the on-line mentor on this site, representing the theme “How to make a great first impression”. Here are my initial responses to the questions put to me by the DestinyConnect  team; do they leave you with a great impression? What are the most important elements of making a good first impression? Here’s the all-inclusive phrase – be charismatic – it’s that personal quality that gives you influence, power and authority (in good ways). Charisma does not relate to your body design – you can be short, tall, thin or fat – nor to your jewellery, or car or position in life.  Charisma isn’t tangible, it’s a spiritual notion – it’s about allowing others to meet your spirit – the most powerful part of your personality. Charisma is developed through personal awareness and spiritual intent and, as the saying goes, if you haven’t got it yet, it’s OK to fake it until you make it!  Consider these five important steps toward developing the qualities of charismatic people: […]

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