I am amazed at how quickly the times goes.  We’re at the end of September 2012.  Already!  Some of my clients are shifting into high gear for the final push of the year.  I often find that when this happens, we tend to put task ahead of self-reflection.  Before we run head long into the final Quarter of the year, let’s take stock to ensure we’re on the path we intend to be. 

Many of us are familiar with business reviews; we take stock, check the numbers, compare to targets and review the goals before heading into the new quarter.

Shouldn’t we do the same for all the other parts of our lives?

Reflect on the following critical life statements and rate each one on a scale of 1 to 5—1 being low and 5 being high.  Your total score will give you a good indication of where you currently stand in the game of life.  Don’t neglect yourself this busy period. Consider engaging a coach to support you and your career or business until that well-deserved holiday at the end of the year.

1. I am living my dream _________

2. I always achieve the goals I set for myself _________

3. I am a happy person _________

4. I am 100% happy with the job I’m doing _________

5. I am earning the money I deserve _________

6. I have a written list of all my goals _________

7. I have at least 1 hobby _________

8. I make decisions easily _________

9. I have a written list of my values & beliefs _________

10. I am 100% happy with my relationship _________

11. I do not have credit card debt _________

12. I invest 10% of my income every month _________

13. I always think positively _________

14. I am physically fit _________

15. I take regular holidays _________

16. I control the stress in my life _________

17. I am a spiritual person _________

18. I practice self-inquiry _________


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