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Michelle ClarkeYour Chief Motivation Officer | motivcoach.com

Motivcoach’s Values [these will give you a good idea about how I like to think and work]

  • Dare to stretch beyond your comfort zone.
  • Keep walking.  Something always comes from momentum.
  • Curiosity is the fuel for an extraordinary life.
  • Be the champion of self-directed learning.
  • Choose to be a provocative thinker.

Who I am

As a seasoned Leadership and Personal Branding Coach, I secured my first coaching qualification in South Africa in 2005, and I haven’t stopped studying since. My certified portfolio of evidence covers multiple coaching assignments that demonstrate significant results with leaders in diverse settings such as Correctional Services, Fortune 500 corporations, universities in remote coastlines of South Africa, mining projects in the northernmost towns of Chile, banking, retail, IT, business owners and numerous other high-impact individuals, expatriates and teams.

My coaching business is my second entrepreneurial endeavour. By my late twenties, I’d launched and successfully sold my first product-based business, and I’ve held senior leadership and board positions in the corporate world. I consider myself a self-made leader which makes me the ideal thinking partner for other self-made leaders.

My vision: I’m dedicated to helping people leverage an emotionally intelligent Personal Brand — the best accelerator for success. Because I can, my own personal branding now allows me to hit the road regularly, travel the globe and deliver thought leadership, training and workshops designed to help people become better leaders.

Passionate about technology and the gift it offers in reaching clients across the globe, it’s no surprise that I’ve been working from my laptop for the past several years with English-speaking clients in Africa, the Americas, Canada, Europe and Australia. To say I love my work is an understatement. Deeply gratified to connect with such a broad spectrum of courageous people, I also have this remarkable opportunity to travel, to learn and to grow through this powerful and inspiring modality called coaching.

How I got here

Born and raised in South Africa of Dutch and British descent, I’ve always had my vision set on a global lifestyle.

img_0517The first time I boarded a plane I was four years old. The airline attendant had trouble attaching a sign around my neck because my two pigtails were getting in the way. The message on the sign? Unaccompanied Minor. Ever since that day, my fascination for independence and travel is part of my DNA. What’s more, after many childhood years pouring over glossy travel brochures, I discovered it was not just the destinations that excited me. It was really more to do with my curiosity about the person behind the camera. So began my love of photography. The image of myself traveling and capturing the journey through my unique lens was unshakable. So yes: I’ve traveled a great deal over the years and yes, documented many short-term exciting adventures.

Fast-forward to 2014: I dared to plunge into a full-time expatriate lifestyle. I am currently based in Santiago de Chile in South America (for now) as I truth-seek, treasure-hunt and coach leaders around the world to reach their own vision of success. I am also a prolific photographer. Photographic composition – not unlike coaching – is working with the psychology of the mind. It’s the ability to lead your viewer into seeing and feeling in the same way that coaching guides the leader into seeing and feeling a new personal vision.

If you’re interested in seeing my unique take on the world, please do visit my other website: www.portablepro.me

My Credentials

  • Associate Coach with:

    Grovewell (New York)
    Lietke Consulting Group (Chile)
    Sloan Group International (New York)
    Centre for Creative Leadership (Johannesburg)

  • Most recent Public Speaking Engagements – US Embassy in Santiago (2018), Universidad Catolica, Chile (2018), Inacap University, Chile (2017), iO Theatre School, Chicago (2017),  International Association of Chile (2016), African Coaching Symposium (2016), COMENSA South Africa (2016), ICF Chile (2015), ICF Peru (2015), Coaching Community Uruguay (2015)
  • Passionate advocate for and founder of the Facebook Group Coaching via Technology
  • Coach Training Received;

    Clean Language Coaching with Judy Rees – 2018 [ Online]
    The iO Theatre Chicago 5-week Improv Intensive – 2017 [Chicago]
    The NY Brand Lab (Branding EQ) – 2016 [Mexico]
    WBECS Global Online Coaching Conference (Online Facilitator) – 2016 [Online]
    Centre for Advanced Coaching (QUEST Facilitator) – 2015 [Brazil]
    MITx and ULAB/Otto Scharmer (Transforming Business, Society & Self with Ulab, Online Certification) – 2015 [Online]
    Grovewell LLC (Expat Leadership Coach) – 2015 [New York]
    Centre for Creative Leadership (Feedback Coach) – 2014 [Johannesburg]
    Rosinski & Co (Cross-Cultural Leadership Coach) – 2010 [Argentina]
    Action Learning Australia: AWOL (Action Learning Coach) – 2011 [Cape Town]
    TeleCoach International (Telephone Coaching) – 2009 [Online]
    Behavioural Coaching Institute (Master Behavioural Leadership Coach) – 2008 [London]
    Centre for Coaching (Team Coach) – 2007 [Cape Town]
    The Time to Think™ Consortium (Time to Think™ Coach] – 2007 [Cape Town]
    Centre for Coaching (Integral Life & Business Coach) – 2005-2006 [Cape Town]

  • Writing and Interview series (see my media coverage below)
  • Co-author of the Amazon Best Seller: Confidence – Volume II – How To Go For What You Really, Really, REALLY Want And Stay Strong No Matter What [You can buy your copy here:  http://amzn.to/2bGkA66]

About my coaching style

My Personal Coaching Philosophy aligns with the definition of Coaching from the ICF (International Coaching Federation): ‘Coaching is Partnering with Clients in a Thought-Provoking and Creative Process that Inspires them to Maximise their Personal and Professional Potential.’
Although I provide the structure of the overall coaching engagement,  each time we meet you are in charge of our agenda.  My job is to ensure that all our conversations lead us closer toward your desired goal.  This ‘Free Agenda’ approach ensures that your main priorities are dealt with as they arise.  Coaching should not be something separate from your life but fully integrated in it.  It’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s rewarding.
Because I care for the planet.  Coaching via Technology is a Green option.  You don’t have to drive and neither do I.  Not only do we save time and money but we also reduce the carbon emissions that traffic causes.  Also, I get to reach clients anywhere on the globe and these clients get to reach me.  Today’s technology provides a convenient and cost-effective platform for our coaching work.  If you doubt the intimacy of it, let’s jump online and trial the platform.  I am confident that you will enjoy working virtually as much as I do.
High-Impact Globally Minded Pioneers.  What do I mean by this?  Your attitude and intention determines your path.  You intend to make an impact with your skills, your ambition, your determination.  You know the world is open to top talent and you’re wanting to make your mark on it.   You appreciate diversity and inclusivity and embrace technology and it’s power to connect globally.  I am a high-impact globally minded pioneer.  If you are too, we are a good match.
If you are in any doubt, ask me about my no-obligation Skype call.  We can discuss your goals and your time-line and whether I can the right coach to help you to achieve these.

Five things about me that might surprise you

It’s the coolest “rule” in improvised acting; – ‘saying yes, and’!  I started Improv in Cape Town in 2011 doing an intensive training which lead to the formation of “The Long Shots” Improvisation troupe.   We played and performed Improv to live audiences for several years.  I am now teaching Improv in English in Santiago de Chile. It’s a powerful life skill.  Say yes and come and join me?
Yoga! Namaste.  I am so thrilled that this mind-body practice found me.  I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade and have been blessed with some of the most insightful teachers. I have traveled to India three times to pursue my love of this ancient tradition.  My Dosha is Vata and I’d be happy to help you know yours and why it matters.  I am confident that I will accomplish a 10-minute head stand in this lifetime.
If this makes any sense to you, then are are likely also a lover of Astrology.  I have a Certificate in Foundational Astrology from The London Faculty of Astrology as well as a Diploma in Astrology from the Rod Suskin School of Astrology in South Africa.  Astrology is not everyones cup of tea, which I totally respect, so I only bring this into my coaching work if it’s welcomed.
I am a passionate photographer who loves all subjects.  Photography is an observational skill that thrives on curiosity and perspective.  My photography will offer you an insight into how I think.  Please visit my other website –


       – and take a different journey with me into colour and stories and art and culture and life through my camera lens.
I have very fond childhood memories of my mom and I – cutting lemons into halves, then quarters, then breaking them into segments.  We’d add salt, settle back into the sofa together, slowly dibble segment-by-segment, shuddering at the lemony sourness of each bite.  I don’t know why!  Is taste genetic, do you think? And I still love to do that same thing today. Yes, lemon is my favourite dessert.

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