My mission is to inspire, provoke thought, stimulate ideas and facilitate action plans that allow my clients – high-impact, globally-minded pioneers – to step powerfully into the next important and meaningful future vision they value for themselves.

If you’re an individual of leadership and influence, we’re a good fit.  My client’s are CEOs, Business Owners, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders, Expats, Mentors and Executive Coaches.  

I am a boutique service provider and a seasoned coach –  here you are assured of big-business professionalism with a personal touch.  My portfolio includes Leadership Coaching, Cross-Cultural Coaching, Expat Coaching, Executive Coaching, Coach Mentoring and Personal Branding across many industry sectors.

My coaching programs are custom-designed to meet your budget, timeframes, and busy schedule.  I keep the planet greener by working via Skype telephone, email and other technology based platforms.  

To ensure that I am available to give my quality attention to coaching partnerships, I work with only a select number of clients and teams.  If you believe we might be a good coaching fit let’s schedule a no-obligation briefing meeting.  Let’s get the conversation started! 

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I work with only a select number of clients at any time. If you think we are a good fit, please email me on