What are brand blisters?  Here is a personal experience to clarify this very real symptom of continuous hard work throughout the year.  This week I sent the same proposal to a client three times.  After receiving the first proposal he returned it to me asking me to correct the date, which I then duly did.  He returned the second copy and again the date was wrong!  And, if you can believe it, the third also needed a date correction.  I apologised profusely, but he was very kind about it, saying, ‘Hey, that’s just end-of-year blisters’. 

‘End-of-year blisters’ – it’s the perfect metaphor for those of us who feel like it’s been a steady marathon from January to December – we are low on energy and inspiration – and what about our brands?  Yes, our brands will suffer from end-of-year fatigue too.  After months of exposure and hard work on our behalf, our brands will also need to take a break.

Unless you specialise in a brand or product that must make the most of the holiday season, allow your brand to take a break at the end of the year.  Just like top athletes need to rest and recoup, so do our brands.  Not only will this break rejuvenate yourself, it will more than likely benefit your brand as well.

5 tips for a successful brand break:

  1. Take a break from social media – your absence will be intriguing and your mind will have the chance to reset itself.
  2. Take in something stimulating or maybe something you don’t usually do. Visits to the theatre or to museums could inspire you and result in new branding ideas.
  3. Spend time with loved ones; they are, after all, your biggest fans and nothing will recharge your batteries quite like some care, nurturing and good old fashioned family time.
  4. Keep your journal/notebook close at hand. Inspiration may come at any point – doodle, reflect, write poetry or even write new brand stories. Don’t make this the purpose of your down time but if inspiration strikes you need to be prepared.
  5. Above all, be safe – we want to see you and your brand strong and ready to hit the ground running in the new year.

A re-tweaked brand identity, from great ideas that occur to you in a state of relaxation, can only result in a refreshed and strengthened brand.

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