Re-framing: a technique that helps us to redefine unpleasant situations or events, thereby making these situations easier to manage

Reinforcement: an event that, when presented following a behavior, causes the behavior to increase or decrease in frequency. Positive reinforcement, synonymous with reward, increases the likelihood of the behavior occurring again.

ROE: Return on Expectations involves the coach, client and coachee identifying and agreeing on expectations, including the “critical success factors” that the coaching program will meet.

Self- antecedent instructions: statements we make to ourselves that describe, direct or guide the behavior we will perform They can affect our performance positively of negatively.

Self-Observation: systematically observing one’s own behavior over time, on several occasions in an ongoing manner

Self-Regulation: the individual’s ability to recognize, direct and modulate her or his own thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Socratic Dialogue: A method of asking questions to prompt reflection, which in turn will lead to knowledge or the individuals own awareness of his or her own knowledge or ignorance

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