Consider this : A friend of yours is made redundant.  Although she was in a career that she did not enjoy, she was financially secure and knew the ins and outs of her job well.  Instead of wandering what opportunities might open to her by this redundancy, or considering learning new skills or pursuing a new career, she immediately rushes into looking for jobs which are almost identical to the one she has just left.   It isn’t that she loved the job and doesn’t want to do anything else, she explains, but this just seems the most obvious route to follow.  She just wants her life to get back ‘to normal’ as quickly as possible.  Sound familiar?

Many of us skip steps on the Learning Cycle of life.  We dismiss the very real need to reflect and contemplate before we take our next action. Four spokes make up the learning-cycle wheel.  Thinkers behind this model suggest that for real, significant, sustainable, meaningful change to occur in our lives, we must move through each spoke.

Doing Cycle

Doing is where we spend most of our time.  Whatever it may be, and however enjoyable or dull it is, we are doing it and it keeps us occupied.  So occupied that we often dismiss the need to contemplate what we have done or what we might do differently.  We just keep doing that same old thing….over and over again.  We’re cycling in the first phase of the learning-cycle.


If you are serious about creating a new reality and moving out of the doing-cycle, you need to give yourself a gift : the time and space to contemplate all that you are doing, how it is serving you, and all that you might do instead.  Do this alone if you prefer, or perhaps with pen and journal, or better yet, with a Coach – professionally trained to facilitate and navigate your unique journey toward deeper learning.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

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