** Coaching for Development: Development is used broadly to refer to the leader’s competencies and characteristics that are required for a future job or role and may entail considerable growth. Over time, a leader’s personal growth and development process is one of becoming more open (able to entertain alternative perspectives), differentiated (able to draw from distinctions), and integrated (able to weave these differences in to an increasingly complex whole)

When to use it: I am being groomed to advance, I am considering a career move to x, I am in the succession planning pool for x,

Why: The primary focus is to prepare the leader for a future position, or a career move.

What: Leader works with coach to: * assess current competencies * clarify expectations for future performance * plan for continuing development * enhance effective action * improve learning agility

Coaching for development usually occurs over a longer term (several quarters or more)

** Coaching for Free Agenda: Free Agenda is used broadly to refer to personal, business and/or organizational issues or concerns. Often this coaching covers important issues for leaders and their organizations that are otherwise overlooked, Sometimes the meetings border on life coaching as the leader considers his or her life purpose and personal challenges.

When to use it: It is lonely at the top, I am in over my head, I am facing a big challenge at x, I need a talking partner for x

Why: The primary focus is on the leaders larger career and life agenda.

What: The leader works with the coach to: * develop ideas and options * prioritize the executives needs * plan for the executives agenda * obtain better support for the executives agenda * enhance effective action * improve learning agility

Free agenda coaching can be ongoing and is highly variable, depending on the issue.

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